The Peace of Easter

Over the years, I like many people, began to ask questions about life and purpose. Why are we here? What is the purpose? Is it all by chance and random mutations as the Evolutionists would explain? Does this amazing and vast universe, where we occupy only a minute portion, exist due to some random explosion of energy? Are we just an evolved species, just a little different than other animal-mammal species? Is there a God that created the universe and everything in it? These questions were difficult for me to answer years ago. However, I am now beginning to have confidence in my reasoning and answers to these questions.

Reading books and articles about Creation versus Evolution is kind of a hobby of mine (I know, I have become a bit of a book nerd). This topic has become more important to me as it stands at the core of these above mentioned questions, and I know many other people struggle with these same questions. The more books and articles I have read, the more confident I am in my answers. The reason for this surprises many people because it is the sciences that have seemed to strengthen my beliefs. As different fields of science, particularly genetics and cellular biology and astronomy, have expanded in the past few decades, there seems to be more and more scientific evidence to disprove the theory of Evolution. Conversely, there is more and more science to support Creationism.

Seeing this need of science for a Creator has only strengthened my belief in God. God, who marvously created everything we see on this planet as well as places and things unseen in this vast (and mostly unexplored) universe, is the reason we are here. It says in the Bible that we are created in his image, and placed here to worship him. That is our ultimate purpose. That is why we are here. That is the answer we are all looking for. This is the answer that gives peace.

However, we continue to look elsewhere for answers. Money, power and prestige, relationships, education, and houses and cars. We try our best to ignore God. And in doing this, we sin. By sinning, we ultimately are removed from God and his greatness and glory and peace. The peace that comes from only knowing God is missed. However, His love and mercy for His creation is not lost; it has been redeemed. Not by anything the creation has done or will do, as we all continue to make mistakes and sin. Creation is redeemed only by the grace of God. He sent a redeemer, and His name is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the Son of God who was sent to live here with us as a human being. He came to teach us to repent and to love God with all our hearts. Although he lived here with no sin, he died a sinner’s death being beaten and humiliated by being crucified. After lying to rest in a tomb for three days, he was raised back to life. This was witnessed by multiple people who later risked their lives by spreading this news to the people. He then left to return to God in Heaven where He has forgiven our sins.

This is the Easter story. It is the story of God redeeming His creation by sending His son, Jesus. He died for our sin so that we may be forgiven and freely live to know God. The truth of the Bible answers all of life’s questions. The Easter story ultimately gives peace to all that want and seek it. Happy Easter.

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