Do you Believe in Miracles???

A miracle, defined in Webster’s, is an event or effect contrary to the established constitution and course of things, or a deviation from the known laws of nature; a supernatural event, or one transcending the ordinary laws by which the universe is governed.

I believe in miracles. How could I not, have you met my wife (the only way to explain her marrying me is a miracle!)? But seriously, I do believe in miracles. A lot of people don’t believe in miracles anymore. I’m not sure why many don’t believe. I have a guess it is because many do not want to believe in a higher power. Many people, I assume, do not want to admit there is a supernatural power or entity that can do the unexplained or unimaginable.

Recently, my dad became acutely ill. More specifically, he had a severe cardiac arrhythmia and required defibrillation (an electrical current zipped through his chest to stabilize his heart). He required six shock treatments before his heart responded in the ambulance. Most studies show survival of people that require defibrillation outside of a hospital to be less than 10%. Once at the hospital, the cardiac catherization only showed mild to moderately lower function. However, his neurological status was in great question. Despite having no sedative medicine, four days went by and he was still unresponsive in a coma. Then, the following day he came out of it and spoke. He is now back home and healing, only slightly slowed at this point.

Sometimes being a physician is difficult. When my dad was sick and everyone was asking me “How is he?”, that was one of those difficult times. As the son, all I could answer with was hopeful responses. But as a doctor, I’m trained to see certain factors and signs that give prognostic implications of a patient. Seeing my dad lying comatose in that ICU bed, the doctor in me knew the real possibility of him not leaving the hospital.

But he did. He awoke. Although he had no business to survive this, ultimately he did. Yes, this was most certainly a miracle.

Oh, I hear the pessimists saying, “it was by chance alone.” The longer I am here on the Earth, the less impressed I am with “chance” happenings, and the more sure I am of a divine sovereign presence. As I look back in my life, I can count a couple events that have occurred that I’ve had to decide whether by chance, or by miracle.

In the Bible, God used miracles to demonstrate His power and His presence in Jesus. Similarly, miracles occur today to strengthen the faith of people in Him and so that the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ is proclaimed and glorified.

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I am an Otolaryngologist, commonly known as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician and surgeon. Currently, I am a member of ENT Specialists, PLLC that practices in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfort, KY. My practice consists of General ENT, but my interest and expertise is centered around pediatric ENT treatments, nasal and sinus disorders, chronic ear infections and hearing loss, and facial skin cancer surgery. I attempt to provide the highest quality medical care, using the most current research and surgical techniques, but also to care for each individual patient as if they were a member of my family.
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8 Responses to Do you Believe in Miracles???

  1. Marlene Mosely Farmer says:

    Beautifully spoken,a heart for Jesus

  2. Margie Oldfield says:

    This post says it all.
    God is the God of Miracles. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.

  3. Corleen Riggs says:

    This post is great. The Riggs’s family knows all about MIRACLES. Two heart transplants in one family. GOD IS GOOD. Prayers were always going up for your dad and your mother. Great people and a even greater couple. YOU ARE BLESSED!!!

  4. Cynthia Alkire says:

    Your mom referred to those praying for your dad as “prayer warriors.” There were a lot of people doing just that. Thanks for sharing with us; your words say a lot about you and your family.

    • Rob says:

      Mrs. Alkire, We appreciate all the prayers…we are all still amazed how God used this as a blessing and to show His glory. Hope you are well. -Rob

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