To Our Moms, Thank You

I’ve been really spoiled. I finally have fully understood just how much. When I was younger’ I didn’t completely get it. Sure, I had a great mom. But I thought, or assumed, everyone did.

My mom worked a full time job, teaching fourth graders. She always cooked dinner (and rarely meals from the freezer or take-out, as it was usually “a home-cooked meal”) and took care of the dishes afterwards. She helped with our homework, and took care of the laundry and keeping the house clean. Mom paid the bills and got the groceries, too. I really don’t think she ever rested from sunrise to sunset.

Mom often would pass on buying herself new clothes so that my sister and I could get the new “cool” clothes for school. And while Mom always drove the “less cool” car (of course I’m talking about the minivan!), my sister and I would get the best new toys and games. Mom also never missed a ballgame, always there to support me and my sister and my dad, which meant she didn’t get much time to pursue any of her own interests or hobbies.

My depth of understanding how great of a mom I had has only come by observing my wife with our kids. As a child, I didn’t see or fully appreciate the sacrifices my mom offered. Her time. Her interests. Her money. But now as a parent, I see how my wife gives her time, her interests, and her money to our family. Why do they both willingly sacrifice so much of themselves? Because by selflessly serving her family, a mother and her family forms a bond of love that will never die. Unlike her time, which will pass. Unlike her interests, which will fade. Unlike her money, which will perish. She does it all because of love.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Dana (and thank you, Donna, for displaying this motherly love to Dana!). Thank you for your commitment to our family. Thank you for displaying unconditional love for all of us. Happy Mother’s Day!

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