My Dad’s Footsteps

imageI woke up this morning and, on my way to the coffee, saw this photo that I posted. It’s such a special picture for me (and not only because it was front page news worthy!). It was taken when I was 2 years old, and when following my Dad’s footsteps was the most important thing to me (and clearly not because of his fashion sense!). He was my Daddy. He and I loved sports and to be outdoors. Eating Wendy’s cheeseburgers followed by a chocolate Frosty was a meal of choice. I wanted to be just like him.

Over the years, I have realized I have not become just like my dad. I am my own person, with my own good and bad qualities. However, many of his footsteps I am continually trying to follow. His character. His integrity. He doesn’t lie and never cheats someone. His work ethic. Working hard is the only way to work. His faithful commitment and love to his family. His respect for other people. His kindness to others, especially those in a time of need. His humility. He always downplays his successes in life, trying to give credit to others.

Today is my Dad’s birthday and wish him a happy one, and I hope he knows how proud I am to be his son and thankful that I’ve had his footsteps to follow.

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I am an Otolaryngologist, commonly known as an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) physician and surgeon. Currently, I am a member of ENT Specialists, PLLC that practices in Lexington, Georgetown, and Frankfort, KY. My practice consists of General ENT, but my interest and expertise is centered around pediatric ENT treatments, nasal and sinus disorders, chronic ear infections and hearing loss, and facial skin cancer surgery. I attempt to provide the highest quality medical care, using the most current research and surgical techniques, but also to care for each individual patient as if they were a member of my family.
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3 Responses to My Dad’s Footsteps

  1. marlene mosely Farmer says:

    Your dad has always been one of the SPECIAL WILSON BOYS, your right he has been a good example to his family an the community. You have been blessed.
    Marlene Farmer

  2. Daryl Pepper says:

    Rob, never had the blessing of meeting your earthly father. But, I know you. And, you also do a great job of walking in another set of footsteps: “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children” (Eph 5:1).

  3. Rob says:

    Thank you, Marlene and Daryl. The kind words mean a lot. Have a good week!

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