Black or White, or Shades of Brown.

In light of the recent events of Missouri and Maryland, I’ve been thinking a lot about where we are as human beings. It’s been tough to see and hear the “us against them” mentality, the prejudice and racist remarks and thoughts, and the hate that this invokes. That this type of thinking still exists amazes me, but it shouldn’t.

There is ONE human race. There are no different races. There are different cultures and different people groups. But a male from the United States is the same as a male from India or Africa or Chile. Likewise, a female from Russia is the same as one from New Zealand. We are all ancestors of Adam and Eve, created by God and in His image. Afterwards, our ancestors moved to various parts of the earth where different factors caused (micro) evolution: skin colors became darker or lighter tones, body builds became bigger or smaller, etc. But in the end, we are all ONE race, the human race.

So why do so many people believe that we are all different races? Why do so many people promote a concept that drives divisions, and ultimately hatred and fighting, war and death? The answer is very simple: sin. And because I know this world is broken because of sin, I am not surprised of the recent conflicts and continued prejudices and racist thinking of many people. But there is an answer that will break these divisions and heal these wounds, and it’s the truth spoken in the Bible and revealed in the life of Jesus Christ.

“I’m black. You’re white.”

Those were the words of one of my wife’s elementary students during their recent speech and language therapy session. The words were spoken as innocent facts, not with any negative undertone. But it’s the focus on this, the color of a person’s skin tone or other superficial and truly insignificant differences, that have led to much hatred, violence and death.

My wife simply said, “Look at the skin on your arm. It’s not black, but a brown color. And look at the skin on my arm. It’s not white, but a peach color or a lighter brown color. You see, we are all shades of brown. We are the same.” Amen, honey. (See why I love her so much!).

Genesis 2:7 “Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”

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3 Responses to Black or White, or Shades of Brown.

  1. Jason Key says:

    Well said Robert. As a 21 year Soldier I learned my equality from the Army. Its especially painful when I see former Soldiers committing acts of hate. Their actions violate the Army core values and the common theme of “When in battle you do not care about skin color, religion, political views, or hometowns. All you want to do is survive and you need that person next to you to think the same way.” That is equality everyone can rally around when we can’t agree on the other stuff. Thank you for the article. We all must continue to pray for salvation and God’s guidance.

  2. Wendy Barcus says:

    So true Dr. Wilson! Thanks for posting this.

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