One of the great parts about being a physician, is the multitude of opportunities I have to help others in need. Mission work is something that I have recently started and plan to continue and expand over the following years. My first international trip was a medical mission to the province of Barahona in the southwestern coast of the Domincan Republic in 2011. It was a great overall experience. It opened my eyes to the significant need for medical care in the vast majority of this planet. Since then I have also traveled to Guatemala, where our team cared for the people living in villages outside of the city of Chiquimula.

I am a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA). This strong organization is worldwide, and has extensive programs for both domestic and international mission work. My wife, Dana, is planning to join me on my next trip and we hope that our children will join us when they are more age appropriate.

You can check out the CMDA website (www.cmda.org) if you are interested, or you contact me for questions.

Dominican Republic Mission Trip, 2011

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